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Removing Stains From Waxed Floors  mop on hardwood floor

No matter how careful you are a stain can still occur.  Check the Hardwood Floors - General page for tips on how to ensure that your floor is in good condition and can withstand the treatments below.  Never use any product on your hardwood floors until you have carefully read the label.  If it does not specifically say “suitable for hardwood floors,” don’t use it! 

Water Stains: Rub the spot with No. 2 steel wood and rewax.  For more serious water stains, lightly sand with fine sandpaper, clean the spot with No. 1 or 00 steel wool and mineral spirits or floor cleaner then refinish and wax.

Cigarette Burns: If not severe, the burn can be removed by rubbing with steel wool moistened with soap and water.

Heel and Caster Marks: Rub vigorously with fine steel wool and floor cleaner. Wipe dry and polish.

Ink Stains and Other Dark Spots: Use No. 2 steel wool and floor cleaner to clean the spot and surrounding area. Thoroughly wash the affected area. If the spot remains, sand with fine sandpaper, re-wax and polish. Stubborn stains may require that you replace the affected area.

Chewing Gum and Wax Deposits: Ice until the deposit is brittle and crumbles off. Pour floor cleaner around the stain so the fluid soaks under and loosens it.

Alcohol Spots: Rub the spot with liquid or paste wax.

Repairing Wax Finishes: Rub fine steel wood in a puddle of reconditioner or paint thinner and clean as you go. Apply wax and buff.

Always start cleaning at the edge of a stain and work toward the centre so it won't spread.

Removing stains and repairing surface finishes:  Use steel wood or sand paper to remove one or two complete layers of finish along the entire length of the board where damage has occurred. Remove all dust. Apply the same type of finish that was removed, being careful not to build additional layers on top of adjoining boards.

Squeaks: When the air in your home becomes extremely dry, your floor will lose moisture and contract. Conversely, when humidity is high, your floor will absorb moisture and expand slightly. As humidity stabilizes, hardwoods regain their original dimensions. Air conditioning in summer and humidifying in winter will keep your home's humidity comfortable for you and your floor. Prolonged cycles of shrinking and swelling of your hardwood floor may result in squeaks. They can be easily corrected.

Silencing Squeaks: Apply liquid wax, powdered soap, talcum powder or powdered graphite between floor boards that are rubbing together.  If that doesn't stop the squeak, drive two-inch finishing nails through pilot holes on both edges of the board then hide the hole with matching colour putty or wax.

If you need to refinish or replace your hardwood floor, consult a professional for best results.  Give a call to the flooring experts at  Reliable Carpet a call and rely on their expertise.



Information on this website is provided courtesy of Reliable Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc.  It is intended to assist the home or business owner to address minor stains and accidents as quickly as possible after they occur.  They will not replace the service provided by a reputable carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning service.

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